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The Team

Who We Are

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Dr. Bashour

Dr. Bashour is a board-certified medical physician with extensive training in facial aesthetics and body contouring. He received his medical degree from Michigan State University and did his medical training and fellowship at McLaren and St john Macomb hospitals respectively. Dr. Bashour is a member of the American Medical Association, AOA and ASN. Dr. Bashour knows that each person is unique, so he emphasizes the importance of carefully listening, educating and taking the time to answer any questions, concerns and explaining each procedure so that he can help each client make an informed decision and develop a successful treatment plan that will best fit their specific needs. Dr. Bashour will employ the latest techniques and procedures to help his clients feel beautiful, radiant, glamorous and confident


Meet our manager Agatha. She is in charge of design, marketing, and development. She embodies our philosophy of ‘each client is unique’ and works hard to ensure that they have the best experience. She is funny, smart, and loves to help. Don't hesitate to ask her questions or advice

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